Television assembly line

2023-10-15 11:23:25

TV assembly line: equipped with special tooling pallets, assembly aircraft, vacuum, commodity inspection functions, etc. , used for assembling TV parts (plate chain, double speed chain, friction wheel, RGV mobile car, robot mechanism and other conveyors) . Top Lighting, Fan and pneumatic tool interface, electronic kanban, etc. , composed of a complete set of production lines.

TV assembly line: can be customized according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire, custom-made various specifications of intelligent equipment. Professional technical personnel to provide you with high-quality products and services, can be customized according to customer requirements. We specialize in various TV assembly lines. TV assembly line, features: it carries a relatively heavy product, and production line synchronous operation, can achieve product climbing; assembly mode of operation, continuous mode; the use of assembly line as a carrier, it can realize stable product transportation and reduce labor intensity. Production practice checks and validations are also required. Television assembly line, although it has various functions, but its ultimate goal, the most basic function is to maintain quality, quantity and according to the rhythm of the Assembly of qualified products, whether it has these functions, it is also verified by production practice and in actual production. With the emergence of new technology, new technology and new products, the assembly line will be more intelligent, digital and visual.

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