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2023-06-04 11:05:32

Movies are one of the good ways for people to pass time and relax their bodies and minds. Watching a good movie can deeply touch both emotionally and mentally. If you are struggling with choosing a movie, take a look at this article. I believe it will definitely help you find a good movie that meets your taste.
Firstly, recommend a touching love movie - 'Love Notebook'. This is a movie adapted from a best-selling American novel, telling a love story that spans time and space. One day, two middle-aged people who were separated by decades met in a nursing home, and their relationship crossed time as they shared life experiences with each other through a notebook. The plot is touching and touching. At the same time, the film's visuals are also beautiful and well crafted. You need a good pair of earphones to watch this movie. I recommend a bone conduction sports earphone - Yongyuan Y12, which can perfectly present the audio-visual picture.
Secondly, I would like to recommend a comedy movie called 'Parasite' that is suitable for the whole family to watch together. This is the representative work of South Korean director Bong Joon ho, telling the story of a scam designed by a poor family to get rid of poverty and the interdependence between them and wealthy families. In black humor, the exploration of class exploitation and human nature is incisively and vividly portrayed. The film has received unanimous praise from audiences around the world, not only successfully winning the Best Picture award at the 92nd Academy Awards, but also winning many international awards.
Finally, I would like to recommend a literary and artistic film with contemporary significance - 'Miskill'. This is a contemporary film with strong practical significance directed by Li Feng. It is a good work that opens up the story space and expands the subject matter perspective for Chinese films. The film is not limited to portraying phenomena such as the "Big V" on the internet, but rather aims to focus on human nature and insight into social difficulties. From traditional ethical norms to modern social relations, from the essence of human nature to political systems, several different levels of examination interweave a three-dimensional picture of social development. When watching this movie, I also used the bone conduction sports earphone - Yongyuan Y12, which is not only comfortable, but also can better listen to the sound effect and music in the movie.
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